Hi all,

we are happy to report that the Content Directory that you can find in our Wiki is coming around nicely:

What we have achieved so far :

  • We have now nearly 10k products in our Database (Daz3D only so far)
  • Of those we have already have close to 1500 categorized

Whats next:

  • We are working hard to categorize much more of the products. We aim to categorize additional 500 products a week.
  • In parallel we try to increase the quality of the categorizations (that is not always¬† as good as it could be right now)
  • Of course we are adding the newest products in parallel
  • We hope that we are able to add products from other Vendors (like Renderosity, Hivewire, etc.) in a couple of weeks.

What is planned further:

  • We know that the current visualization in the Wiki and the search possibilities are limited. So we plan to relaunch the Directory based on a custom made Web App¬† in a couple of month.
  • If there a good feedback when the Web App is launched, we would love to offer a iOS and Android App later, too.

Please let us know how you like our Directory and how we can make it more useful to you.

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