Hi all,

we are happy to report that the Content Directory that you can find in our Wiki is coming around nicely:

What we have achieved so far :

  • We have now nearly 10k products in our Database (Daz3D only so far)
  • Of those we have already have close to 1500 categorized

Whats next:

  • We are working hard to categorize much more of the products. We aim to categorize additional 500 products a week.
  • In parallel we try to increase the quality of the categorizations (that is not always  as good as it could be right now)
  • Of course we are adding the newest products in parallel
  • We hope that we are able to add products from other Vendors (like Renderosity, Hivewire, etc.) in a couple of weeks.

What is planned further:

  • We know that the current visualization in the Wiki and the search possibilities are limited. So we plan to relaunch the Directory based on a custom made Web App  in a couple of month.
  • If there a good feedback when the Web App is launched, we would love to offer a iOS and Android App later, too.

Please let us know how you like our Directory and how we can make it more useful to you.

We have Started

Dear Visitor,

we have just started with 3D-Almanac. We aim to be the one-stop-site that you need to find the right content for your render project, no matter where it was published.

But as I write this, the site is still pretty empty and we are entering a very early beta phase. So please be invited to follow us on this journey and come back often.

During the next weeks and months we are going to add new content to the page probably daily but at least multiple times a week.

We also plan to add video reviews of interesting content as well as well as free video tutorials.

So thanks for visiting us and I hope to see you again soon!